4.2 Meters Vals på DanSteel

Produktion av upp till 4000 mm breda och 5-200 mm tjocka plåtar är nu möjligt.

Quard & Quend i Danmark

Nu finns lagerdimensioner av Quard och Quend material i Quard 400 & 450 samt Quend 700 på lager ...

S355MC Laserplåt i Rättvik

Betad och anoljad i 3000x1500 i 20 & 25 mm finns redo på lager för omgående leverans.

Utökat StångStåls Utbud

Järnsida tar över agenturen för slipat och skalsvarvat stångstål från T.D.R. Acciai Rettificati. 

  • 4.2 Meters Vals på DanSteel

  • Quard & Quend i Danmark

  • S355MC Laserplåt i Rättvik

  • Utökat StångStåls Utbud

What's New

NLMK DanSteel A/S improves the quality and expands the product mix after the launch of the new rolling stand.


DanSteel has installed a 4.2 meter wide rolling stand that results in not only an increased dimensional program; but also new qualities. The existing qualities become wider, heavier, thicker and thinner.


The investment of 100 million Euros started in August of 2012 as a part in the company’s strategy to make use of its leading position in the plate market.


The new rolling stand is designed for a wider range of plates between 5 and 200 mm thickness, with a width of up to 4,050 mm. This expansion of production capabilities make the steel mill to a one stop shop for a wide range of companies that operate and purchase in the steel industry. These new possibilities include catering the growing Nordic off-shore industry as well as the continually strong wind-mill sector.