4.2 Meter Rolling Stand at DanSteel

The Production of up to 4000 mm wide plates, and 5-200 mm thick plates is now possible.

Quard & Quend in Denmark

Now stock dimensions of Quard 400/450 and Quend 700 are available for immediate dispatch.

S355MC Plates In Rättvik

Pickled and oiled 3000 x 1500 in 20 & 25 mm laser plates are now on stock for immediate dispatch...

Bar Range Increased

Järnsida takes of the agency for grounded and peeled bars from  T.D.R. Acciai Rettificati.

  • 4.2 Meter Rolling Stand at DanSteel

  • Quard & Quend in Denmark

  • S355MC Plates In Rättvik

  • Bar Range Increased


AB Järnsida delivers with great commitment and high service steel plates, cold drawn steel bars and prefabricated steel parts for the Swedish and Finnish steel wholesalers and large end-users. The world's leading suppliers in the back, a broad network and in house experience from the start in 1950 makes AB Järnsida a natural partner to the Scandinavian steel consumers.

Business areas:

Plate - NLMK Europe
Steel bars - TRAFILERIA Mauri, TDR SLR, Trafilix

Prefabricated plates