4.2 Meter Rolling Stand at DanSteel

The Production of up to 4000 mm wide plates, and 5-200 mm thick plates is now possible.

Quard & Quend in Denmark

Now stock dimensions of Quard 400/450 and Quend 700 are available for immediate dispatch.

S355MC Plates In Rättvik

Pickled and oiled 3000 x 1500 in 20 & 25 mm laser plates are now on stock for immediate dispatch...

Bar Range Increased

Järnsida takes of the agency for grounded and peeled bars from  T.D.R. Acciai Rettificati.

  • 4.2 Meter Rolling Stand at DanSteel

  • Quard & Quend in Denmark

  • S355MC Plates In Rättvik

  • Bar Range Increased


AB Järnsida was founded in 1950 by C. W. Werner and Chris Wigelius and was until the late 70´s a major supplier of heavy plates and profiles from the Danish Stålvalseværket and Norrbotten Ironworks to the Swedish shipyards. After the shipbuilding crisis the company developed sales towards the Swedish steel wholesalers and large end-users of steel plates.

Since the mid 80's the company is owned and operated by Frederik Werner and today AB Järnsida is the second largest heavy plate supplier in Sweden with all NLKM Europe's product portfolio in the back.

The market has extended to cover also Finland, where ship deliveries of plate to the largest wholesalers is on a regular basis.

Apart from NLMK's products AB Järnsida deliver cold drawn steel bars and the company has a prefabrication section where we on behalf of our customers prefabricate steel plates through a wide network of sub suppliers.