4.2 Meter Rolling Stand at DanSteel

The Production of up to 4000 mm wide plates, and 5-200 mm thick plates is now possible.

Quard & Quend in Denmark

Now stock dimensions of Quard 400/450 and Quend 700 are available for immediate dispatch.

S355MC Plates In Rättvik

Pickled and oiled 3000 x 1500 in 20 & 25 mm laser plates are now on stock for immediate dispatch...

Bar Range Increased

Järnsida takes of the agency for grounded and peeled bars from  T.D.R. Acciai Rettificati.

  • 4.2 Meter Rolling Stand at DanSteel

  • Quard & Quend in Denmark

  • S355MC Plates In Rättvik

  • Bar Range Increased

What's New

NLMK DanSteel A/S improves the quality and expands the product mix after the launch of the new rolling stand.


DanSteel has installed a 4.2 meter wide rolling stand that results in not only an increased dimensional program; but also new qualities. The existing qualities become wider, heavier, thicker and thinner.


The investment of 100 million Euros started in August of 2012 as a part in the company’s strategy to make use of its leading position in the plate market.


The new rolling stand is designed for a wider range of plates between 5 and 200 mm thickness, with a width of up to 4,050 mm. This expansion of production capabilities make the steel mill to a one stop shop for a wide range of companies that operate and purchase in the steel industry. These new possibilities include catering the growing Nordic off-shore industry as well as the continually strong wind-mill sector.

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With the possibility to deliver over 4 meter wide plates the potential customers on the world-maket opens up.  One segment that has a strong presence in the middle east and the USA is the pipeline industry, where we now can deliver producers with material for Type 2 pipes.


Abrasion Resistant
& High Yield Steels

Quard & Quend 


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Our flat products are divided between the Three NLMK Group steel-mills that we represent in Sweden and Finland: NLMK DanSteel, NLMK Clabecq and NLMK Verona.

NLMK Group
is a global leader in the steel industry that have arisen from 80 years of innovative growth. It is one of the 10 globally leading steelmakers from the perspective of market value.


High degree of vertical integration.

  • Iron ore and Coke self-sufficient to 100%
  • Self-sufficient of scrap to 80%
  • Self-sufficient of energy to 50%


Balanced production-/sales- and product-mix.

  • Integrated / EAF: 80/20
  • Short/ Long Mix: 85/15
  • International / Russian sales mix: 65/35
  • Standard / Refined mix: 60/40


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The ScandList Price List available as PDF here.

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4.2 Meter Rolling Stand at DanSteel

The Production of up to 4000 mm wide plates, and 5-200 mm thick plates is now possible.